We pursue to ...

... meet needs and expectations of vehicles and machines producers and users. We are continuous improvement oriented company.

Quality policy

We are manufacturer and seller safety products for vehicles, machines and devices that meet our customer’s requirement and expectation. CSY S.A. achieves requested quality level of offered products by:

  • continuous improvement, strengthening market position, increase sales and number of customers
  • preventing machine break downs and supply products free of nonconformities
  • fulfilling agreements with customers on time and complete
  • selecting material source with repeatable quality
  • improving infrastructure
  • increasing profitability by reducing costs


Our mission is the result of the customer orientation and our philosophy to optimize all processes in company. To meet customer’s quality expectation we had to concentrate to achieve requirement of ISO standard. In 1998 we achieved ISO 9002 certificate. During years of company transformation in 2003 we achieved certificate for accordance to PN-EN ISO 9001:2001 quality standard. August 8th. CSY S.A. achieved cerftificate for accordance to ISO 9001:2008 issued by SGS.

IT systems

Company managing is supported by using new IT solutions such as:

  • GRAFFITTI – a modern and fully integrated MRP II/ERP class company management system
  • MEGA CAD – engineering supporting software